The Glaswegian producer, performer and DJ makes electronic music that has melodic pop sensibilities laid over an industrial, dance landscape that represents the rugged beauty of the city she grew up in.

Jigsawtiger creates music and art as a means of exploring the world around her and processing life events, good or bad. She writes, records and produces her music at home in her living room studio, using a mixture of Ableton software instruments, loops and live instruments.

She first began writing songs in her teens and was involved in the independent music scene as a performer, DJ and band manager. After taking a break from music to work in theatre a major life event led her back to music.

Taking the time to develop her production skills  during this time led to crafting a sound that would truly represent the things she loved about music; soaring vocals, unique beats and dance-ability.

As well as performing her own music live and via livestreams, she is part of DJ collective, Disclaimer, contributing DJ mixes to Groove City Radio and Clyde Built Radio shows.